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Digital Fiber Amplifier


The Ultimate Fiber Amplifier for Maximum Ease of Use and High Performance

Models with New Connector System Reduces Wiring, Saves Space, and Makes Maintenance Easier (First in the Industry) (Patent Pending)

In Amplifiers with wire-saving connectors, the power supply is distributed to 1-conductor slave connectors through a 3-conductor master connector. This design has three major advantages.
1. Wiring time is significantly reduced.
2. Relay connectors are unnecessary, so wiring takes up less space and costs are reduced.
3. Storage and maintenance are simpler because it isn't necessary to distinguish between master connector and slave
    connectors on the Amplifier.

E3X-DA-N Features 1

Super Digital Display with Auto Power Control (APC) Circuit (First in the Industry)

The passage of time causes the intensity of the Sensor's light-emitting LED elements to deteriorate, which may make stable detection impossible.
The E3X-DA-N is the first series of Fiber Sensors to use an Auto Power Control (APC) circuit. This achieves strict detection by eliminating fluctuation in the digital value and is ideal for subtle detection such as stable detection of liquidcrystal glass.

E3X-DA-N Features 2

Power Consumption Reduced by As Much As 70%

E3X-DA-N Features 3

Digital Display Can Be Turned OFF or Dimmed during Operation (Eco-mode)

When the digital display is viewed infrequently during operation, current consumption can be reduced by dimming the display or turning it OFF entirely.
(Eco-mode can be set from the Mobile Console only.)

New Generation of Mobile Consoles the Size of Cellular Phones.
Further Developing the Ultimate Power of Fiber Amplifiers.

Remote Setting and Adjustment
Perform settings, teaching, and fine adjustments at the end of the Fiber Unit.

E3X-DA-N Features 6

With group teaching, teach multiple amplifiers simultaneously.

E3X-DA-N Features 7

Eliminate inconsistency by using group zero reset.

E3X-DA-N Features 8

Flash the Sensor head and display the amplifier channels during operation.

E3X-DA-N Features 9

Display the light intensity and threshold at the same time.

E3X-DA-N Features 10