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61F-WLA / -GPN-V50

Water Leak Alarm/Detector

61F-WLA / -GPN-V50

Flexible Setup according to Water Quality and Surrounding Wiring Conditions

Caution: All units are in millimeters unless otherwise indicated.

61F-WLA Water Leak Alarm

61F-WLA / -GPN-V50 Dimensions 1

61F-GPN-V50 Water Leak Detector

61F-WLA / -GPN-V50 Dimensions 2

Accessories (Order Separately)

Connecting Sockets (for 61F-GPN-V50 Water Leak Detector)

PF113A-E Track-mounted Socket

61F-WLA / -GPN-V50 Dimensions 5

PL11 Back-connecting Socket

61F-WLA / -GPN-V50 Dimensions 6

Important: Install the Water Leak Detector socket with the keyway facing down.

Sensing Band


61F-WLA / -GPN-V50 Dimensions 8


61F-WLA / -GPN-V50 Dimensions 9