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Switch Mode Power Supply (3/7.5-W Models)


Miniature DIN Rail Mounting DC-DC Power Supplies

Caution: All units are in millimeters unless otherwise indicated.

S82S-73[][] (3 W)
S82S-77[][] (7.5 W)

S82S Dimensions 1

* A distance of 7.3 mm is required between the model and the mounting surface when the mounting bracket provided
  with the model is used.
Note: If more than one Power Supply is installed in a row, keep a distance of 20 mm min. (L = 20 mm min.) between each
          adjacent Power Supply.


Mounting Bracket

Used when not mounting the Power Supply directly on the DIN Rail.

S82S Dimensions 3

DIN Rail (Order Separately)

Mounting Rail (Material: Aluminum)


S82S Dimensions 6

Note: The values shown in parentheses are for the PFP-50N.


S82S Dimensions 8