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DeviceNet Master Unit


Master Unit for CS1, C200HX, C200HG, C200HE, and C200HS

Unit Specifications

Communications power supply voltage 11 to 25 VDC
Current consumption Communications: 45 mA max.
Internal circuit: 250 mA max. at 5 VDC
number of
not in use
CS1H/CS1G/C200HX/C200HG/C200HE: 50
C200HS: 32
in use
63 *1
FINS message service 8 *2
Number of
I/O points
Configurator not in use CS1H/CS1G/C200HX/C200HG/C200HE: 1,600 points (800 input and 800
output points)
C200HS: 1,024 points (512 input and 512 output points)
Configurator in use CS1H/CS1G/C200HX/C200HG/C200HE:
4,800 remote I/O points only, and 1,600 points with messages used
C200HS: 1,280 points
Number of
Configurator not in use
(fixed allocation)
50 input and 50 output words and 10 words for software switch/status area
C200HS: 32 input and 32 output words with 10 words for software switch/
status area
Configurator in use
(free allocation)
Input x 2 blocks, output x 2 blocks (with a maximum of 100 words per block)
Software switch/Status area: 10 words
Max. message length
(for FINS or explicit
160 bytes
number of
to PLC
Configurator not in use 1
Configurator in use 10 (any C200HS CPU Unit or CS1, or C200HX, C200HG, or C200HE CPU
Unit with a maximum of 880 I/O Points)
16 (any SYSMAC CS1 or C200HX, C200HG, or C200HE CPU Unit with 880
I/O points or more)
Weight 250 g max.

*1. Refer to the DeviceNet Operation Manual (W267) for the communications power supply specifications.
*2. The Master Unit uses one node. Therefore 63 Slave Units can be connected.
*3. C200HS Series are not connected.
*4. A maximum of 80 words per block can be used if the Master Unit is mounted to the C200HS Series.

Limitations on Master Unit Installation

With CS1H/G PLCs, make sure that the output area allocated to slaves and the area used for actual I/O (e.g., for Basic I/O Units) do not overlap.
The Master Units for the CS1H/G, C200HX, C200HG, C200HE, and C200HS overlap with the SYSMAC BUS Master Unit in allocated area. Therefore, it will not possible to mount the DeviceNet Master Unit and SYSMAC BUS Master Unit together to the same PLC unless the Configurator is used.
The Configurator cannot, however, be used with the C200H Series.

General Specifications

The specifications of the Unit are the same as those of the CS1H/G, C200HX, C200HG, C200HE, and C200HS. For specifications of CS1-series and C200HX/HG/HE PCs, refer to the respective catalogs (CS1 Series: P047; C200HX/HG/HE: P036).