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Interface Converter


A compact converter that allows communications between RS-232C/USB and RS-422/485 devices. Ideal for industrial applications.

Allows communications between RS-232C/USB (Universal Serial Bus) and RS-422/485 devices.

Applicable in FA environments: Has passed environment resistance tests equivalent to those for control devices.

CE marking (except for USB).

UL/CSA certification (mark license recognition).

Compact 30-mm-wide body supports both screw-mounting and DIN track mounting.

Operation either with or without echoback available.

Functionality to convert between USB and RS-232C communications added.

USB driver providing virtual communications port for USB communications is available.

Note: To use USB communications, the USB driver for the K3SC must be downloaded from the OMRON web site.

Application Examples

Data can be transferred between computers (using the USB port if there is no RS-232C port) and field devices.

Using two K3SC Units enables long-distance communications between devices connected via RS-232C.