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Latching Relay


Magnetic Latching Version of G2A Ideal for Sequence Control

Contact form Classification Plug-in terminals PCB terminals
DPDT Standard model G2AK-232A G2AK-2321P
Arc barrier equipped model G2AK-232AY ---
Fully sealed model G2AK-234A ---

Note: 1. When placing your order, add the coil voltage rating to the model number as shown below.

G2AK Lineup 2

Note: 2. The applicable rated voltage range can be increased by connecting an external resistor. Refer to Specifications
              for details.

Arc barrier equipped model

The arc barrier equipped model is a relay designed to prevent arc short-circuiting between phases and can be used in a circuit which has potential difference between phases. The switching power of such a circuit with potential difference must be limited to less than 1/2 the rated load when using this Relay.

Fully sealed model

The fully sealed model is a relay in a gas-tight plastic enclosure and thus exhibits stable performance in an adverse atmosphere of harmful gas, moisture, or powdery dust.

Accessories (Order Separately)


Item DIN Track-mounting Socket Back-connecting Relay
Screw terminals Solder terminals Wire-wrap terminals PCB terminals
Without Hold-down Clip PYF14A(-E)
PY14QN(2) PY14-0 PY14-02
With Hold-down Clip --- PY14-Y2 PY14QN-Y2 --- ---

Note: See the G2AK Datasheet for detailed information on the Relay Hold-down Clips and Socket Mounting Plates.