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Core Quality Support Technologies

OMRON's sensing and control technologies deliver quantified, optimized levels of quality.

Technical expertise for more precise quality management

The key to improving quality management is precisely detecting defects, measuring critical features in the manufacturing process and then rendering these findings in data. OMRON IA has applied its outstanding technical expertise to make automated quality management and inspection possible. We took what was once a qualitative inspection process that relied on seasoned technicians carrying out highly subjective quality inspections based on their experience and sensibilities, and applied our own original technologies to convert it into quantified numerical and feature values. Transforming the knowledge and expertise of veteran technicians and artisans into formalized knowledge has allowed us to clarify quality standards to achieve consistent product quality and reliable product quality inspections. Product quality is supported by the concrete evidence of numerical values and not reliant on inspections based on the subjectiveness of the human senses. We believe that not even the slightest error of measurement should be tolerated. This incessant commitment to quality is supported by the sensing and control technologies that are the pride of the OMRON Group. We combine our optical, imaging, electrical, temperature, and other state-of-the-art sensing technologies with fuzzy-logic, artificial intelligence, and knowledge information control technologies cultivated over many years of experience to successfully measure quality and build it into the way things are made.

[fig.] OMRON's Core Sensing and Control Technologies


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