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PMAC Software downloads update information


Ver. Upgrade 2023.08.01

New functions

  • Coordinate system configurations can be added from 'Solution Explorer'
  • Intuitive and self-guided GUI page allows users to setup configurations and enable 'Block Lookahead'
  • New tool that allows importing of safety mapping PDOs from Sysmac studio

Improved functions

  • Supports extensive functionalities of project management including: Backup, Restore, Verify and Discovery Disk
  • Supports Omron 1S Encoder protocol
  • Motor info page improvement
  • Fixed motor and amplifier configuration failures
  • Fixed exiting tuning bugs
  • Fixed phase position scale factor
  • Verified tuning App works with all PMAC types, Amps and motors
  • 'Power PMAC' replaced 'Delta Tau' labels, this change also is applied to dialogs content
  • Improved clock setting page

Fixed software issues including:

  • Watch windows stop updating after machine wakes from sleep
  • Tool Crashed on delete the motor from 'Position Window'
  • Slave Hierarchy is not working as expected on EtherCAT project when saved, closed and reopen
  • Sinusoidal encoders setup is not correct on 51s and ACI mezzanine cards
  • EtherCAT variables are not connected to IDE project
  • EtherCAT network scanning issue
  • IDE crash when entering a global var name
  • EtherCAT Drag and Drop motor setup is not working properly
  • IDE Download configuration failure after deleting EtherCAT motor and slave

Ver. Upgrade 2023.01.05

New functions

  • User interface and ease of use improvements
  • Enhanced stability and improved safeguards
  • Bug fixes.

Industrial Monitor Utility

Ver.1.0.1167 アップデート 更新日:2017.4.3


  • TAFのスタートメニューにIndustrial Tray Utilityのショートカットを追加しました。
  • Monitor Brightness Utilityのスライダを矢印キーで操作できない問題を解決しました
  • Monitor UtilityとBrightness Utilityのアイコンを変更しました。
  • 12インチの産業用モニタとパネルPCの明るさの設定が更新されました。