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Download Shutdown software PowerAttendant Lite for Linux


PowerAttendant Lite(hereafter the software) always monitors the status of an Uninterruptible Power Supply (hereafter called as "UPS") connected to a computer and when an input power supply abnormality (power failure, etc.) occurs, shuts down a computer normally to protect from breakages of OS and hard discs.

Main Functions

■ Normal Shutdown of a Computer
When an input power supply abnormality (power failure, etc.) occurs, the software ends the application software or the OS and stops the power supply of UPS. Even when an event like communication error, battery deterioration, etc. occurs, the software also shut downs automatically.
■ Schedule Control of UPS
The software does shutdown /start to computer and UPS automatically as set.
■ Control of Computers on Network
Using the script command function, it is possible to shut down other computers on network when power supply abnormality occurs.
■ Save & Read system configuration
It is possible to save & Read configuration data in the software.

Download file

Update January 5, 2022
Version information Ver.1.05
Applicable user Users of S8BA
Applicable model S8BA
File name and size (for Linux7)
(for Linux8)

Update information (Open)

Installation procedure (Open)

System requirements

Supported Computers DOS/V machines
Supported Operating Systems (for Linux7)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.9/7.8/7.7/7.6/7.5/7.4/7.3/7.2/7.1/7.0
CentOS 7.9/7.8/7.7/7.6/7.5/7.4/7.3/7.2/7.1/7.0
(for Linux8)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.4/8.3/8.2/8.1/8.0
CentOS 8.4/8.3/8.2/8.1/8.0
Supported Operating Systems X86, AMD64, EM64T
Interface RS232C