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Safety Relay Unit (Sensor Connector Type)


Less Wiring Required with Safety Light Curtain

Safety Relay Unit

Emergency-stop Unit with Sensor Connector

Main contact Auxiliary contact Number of input
Rated voltage Model
3PST-NO None 2 channels 24 VDC G9SA-300-SC

Note: 1. Connect to the sensor connector using a special OMRON F3SJ Safety Light Curtain
              Connecting Cable. For details, refer to the information on accessories below.
           2. The Safety Light Curtain and Connecting Cable are sold separately.

Accessories (Order Separately)

Connecting Cables (for F3SJ - G9SA-300-SC connection only)

Appearance Cable length Model
0.2 m F39-JCR2C
1 m F39-JC1C
3 m F39-JC3C
7 m F39-JC7C
10 m F39-JC10C
15 m F39-JC15C

Note: 1. The model numbers given in the table are for sets of two Cables, one for the emitter and one for the receiver.
           2. F3SP-JD[][] (F3SJ - F3SP-B1P Connecting Cables) cannot be used.