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NS Series

Programmable Terminals

NS Series

Even Simpler Equipment Operation with Outstanding Synergy.

NS, the HMI brand you can rely on

Machine Control at Your Fingertips.
On-screen Machine Management.

The Best Match Possible

NS Series Features 3

The amount of work and cost of connecting to OMRON PLCs and components have been greatly reduced. The results is an incredible range of features that is possible only when unifying to one manufacturer.

Machine Management Tool

NS Series Features 4

The machine designer can easily implement PLC troubleshooting, machine troubleshooting, settings for servo drives, temperature controllers, and other control components, status monitoring of connected devices, and uploading/downloading of parameters.

Proven Reliability

NS Series Features 5

In the ten years since initial marketing, OMRON has globally supplied numerous HMI solutions with the highly reliable NS Series at over 200 sales and service centers around the world.

A Revolutionary Best Match

The NS-series PTs provide revolutionary compatibility with the road-proven CS/CJ-series PLCs and the new NJ/NX-series Controllers to achieve even greater added value in user machines.

NS Series Features 8

The NJ/NX-series Machine Automation Controllers Revolutionize Productivity

You can create a flexible, high-speed, high-precision system based on the NJ-series Machine Automation Controllers.
Use tags to access any memory areas, or troubleshoot machines and systems by using the NS-series PTs to make the most of the strengths of the NJ/NX-series Controllers and to manage machines.

NS Series Features 9

The CS/CJ-series PLCs for the Reliability of a Proven Track Record

Features are provided to easily connect to CS/CJ-series PLCs to take advantage of their proven track record.
Many features that do not require screen creation or programming support everything from design through maintenance to take advantage of the compatibility of OMRON PLCs and PT and to serve as the face of your machines.

Power Support for All User Needs

From conceptual designs through commissioning, operation, and maintenance, the NS Series supports every user need.


NS Series Features 12

Reduced work

NS Series Features 13

For Machine Automation Controllers NJ/NX-series

NJ Troubleshooter
Integrated NS-series PT simulation

NS Series Features 14


CS/CJ-series PLC Troubleshooter
Machine Troubleshooter

NS Series Features 15

Best Match with OMRON Products

Smart Active Prarts (SAP)
Direct Connection to Temperature Controllers
Face Plate Auto-Builder for NS

NS Series Features 16

Multi-language Support

NS Series Features 17

Multifunction Objects

NS Series Features 18

Plentiful Graphing Functions

NS Series Features 19

Screen Data Security Functions

NS Series Features 20

Device Data Transfer

NS Series Features 21

NS Screen Templates

NS Series Features 22

CX-Designer Screen Design Software


NS Series Features 24

Attractive, convenient features for easier operation

NS Series Features 25

260,000-color Video Display

NS Series Features 26

Analog RGB Output

NS Series Features 27

FTP Function

NS Series Features 28

User Security Functions

NS Series Features 29

LED backlight


NS Series Features 31

Features for reliability and complete maintenance

NS Series Features 32


NS Series Features 33

Single Port Multi Access

NS Series Features 34

PLC Data Trace

NS Series Features 35

Operating log

NS Series Features 36

Ladder Monitor

For details, refer to Data Sheet.