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Low-speed Monitoring Unit


Low-speed Monitoring Function Ensures Safety for Maintenance Work

Applicable to Various Systems, Including Servomotors

PLd/Safety Category 3(ISO13849-1)

G9SX-LM Features 1

1. Monitoring with Proximity Sensors

A redundant safety system can be configured by using two E2E Proximity Sensors. The fault diagnosis function of the G9SX-LM provides a high level of safety.
* Use only the DC 3-wire PNP type E2E.

G9SX-LM Features 2

2. Speed Monitoring Matched to the Function for Each Operating Mode

In normal operating mode, standstill is monitored to unlock the door.
In maintenance mode, low-speed operation is monitored to allow maintenance work.

G9SX-LM Features 3

3. Applicable to Servomotors

Because the drive rotation is directly monitored, the G9SX-LM can also be used with Servomotors.