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GRT1 Series

SmartSlice CompoNet Communications Unit

GRT1 Series

The CompoNet-compliant unit can interface up to 256 inputs and 256 outputs at one node.

Name Appearance Specifications Model
CompoNet Communication Unit
Up to 64 Slice I/O Units can be connected
(Inputs: 32 bytes maximum, Output: 32 bytes maximum)
Slice I/O Units Digital I/O Units
4 inputs NPN GRT1-ID4
4 inputs PNP GRT1-ID4-1
4 outputs NPN GRT1-OD4
4 outputs PNP GRT1-OD4-1
8 inputs NPN GRT1-ID8
8 inputs PNP GRT1-ID8-1
8 outputs NPN GRT1-OD8
8 outputs PNP GRT1-OD8-1
Relay Outputs 2 points GRT1-ROS2
AC Input 4 points GRT1-IA4-1
Analog I/O Units
Analog inputs (current/voltage) GRT1-AD2
Analog outputs (current) GRT1-DA2C
Analog output (voltage) GRT1-DA2V
Temperature Input
Temperature input (Resistance thermometer:Pt100) 2 points GRT1-TS2P
Temperature input (Resistance thermometer:Pt1000) 2 points GRT1-TS2PK
Thermocouple Input 2 points GRT1-TS2T
Counter Units
Counter inputs: 1, External outputs: 1 NPN GRT1-CT1
Counter inputs: 1, External outputs: 1 PNP GRT1-CT1-1
System Units Turnback Units
Right Turnback Unit (Mounts to the right side of Slice I/O
Left Turnback Unit (Mounts to the left side of Slice I/O Terminal.
Can supply power to I/O Units.)
Turnback Cable *1 --- 1 m GCN2-100
I/O Power Feed Unit
Use when the total current consumption of the I/O Power Supply
exceeds 4 A, or to make the I/O Power Supply a separate system.
Use to add V/G terminals for I/O power supply. GRT1-PC8
End Unit *2
Necessary for terminating the Slice I/O Terminal. GRT1-END
Option Terminal Block --- Package of 5 Terminal Blocks GRT1-BT1-5

*1 Use the Turnback Cable together with the Turnback Units.
*2 The End Unit is sold separately. It is not provided with the Communications Unit.