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Solid-state Counter


All Required Counter Functions Incorporated in a Compact DIN-sized (48 × 48) Housing

(Unit: mm)


H7CN Dimensions 1


Adapter for Flush Mounting


H7CN Dimensions 4

Panel Cutout

The standard panel cutout is as shown below. (Panel cutout conforms to DIN43700.)

H7CN Dimensions 5

Panel cutout for side-by-side mounting of two or more Units

H7CN Dimensions 6

When mounting n Counters in a line, dimension A can be calculated from following formula.
A = (48n-2.5) +1, 0

Connecting Sockets


H7CN Dimensions 9


H7CN Dimensions 10

Protective Cover

The Protective Cover shields the front panel, particularly the count value setting section from dust, dirt and water, and prevent malfunctioning of the Counter due to static electricity.

H7CN Dimensions 12

Note: 1. The Hard Protective Cover prevents the set count value from being altered due to accidental contact with the
              pushtype thumbwheel switch.
           2. The Soft Protective Cover allows the set value to be set by depressing the thumbwheel switches through it.
                It may be, however, difficult to make setting changes of the Counter with the Y92A-48B Protective Cover
                attached, which must be taken into consideration before using the Y92A-48B Protective Cover.