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Total Counter/Time Counter (DIN 48 x 24)


DIN 48 x 24-mm Total Counter/Time Counter with Easy-to-read Displays and Water and Oil Resistance Equivalent to IP66

(Unit: mm)


H7GP Dimensions 1

With Flush Mounting Bracket

H7GP Dimensions 2

Panel Cutouts

Panel cutouts are as shown below (according to DIN43700).

H7GP Dimensions 4

Note: 1. The mounting panel thickness should be 1 to 6 mm.
           2. Water resistance will be lost if Counters are mounted side-by-side.
           3. The terminal screws are M3.5. (Theeffective thread length is 6 mm.)
           4. When horizontally mounting Counters side-by-side, leave at least 50 mm between any two Counters.