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Basic Features

Better Readability

Character Height of 10 mm with a Wide Viewing Angle.

H7CZ Features 2

The Easiest Operation

Operation is simplified by the Up Key for each digit.

H7CZ Features 3

Safety and Reliability

Isolated Power Supply and Input Circuits

Power supply circuit and input circuits are isolated inside the Counter.
Previous non-isolated counters had wiring restrictions and could be damaged if wired incorrectly. The H7CZ removes these worries.

Set Value Limit

You can set an upper limit for the set value to prevent unexpected operation of output devices caused by setting mistakes.

H7CZ Features 6

Output Counter

The output counter counts the number of times the output turns ON (alarms can be displayed and the count can be monitored in increments of 1,000 operations). This counter is useful in managing the service life of the Counter or the load.

Other Features

Waterproof, Dust-proof Structure (UL508 Type 4X and IP66)

Worry-free application is possible in locations subject to water.
Note: When the Y92S-29 Waterproof Packing is used.

Key Protection

Select from any of seven protection patterns. Use the best one for the application.