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Smart Measurement and Monitor Units


First in the Industry! Unit structure that enables Power and Earth Leakage Monitoring with just one Unit. Use just one Unit to implement multi-circuit measurements.

Monitor Power and Earth Leakage with Just One Unit

You can monitor power to save energy and monitor earth leakage for electrical equipment all with just one Unit. You can flexibly add CT or ZCT Units to measure multiple circuits as required.
There is an increasing need to detect problems in advance to protect against extensive losses from production line and production facility stoppage due to earth leakage faults.
There is also a need to introduce power monitoring to save energy.
There is a need to measure both earth leakage and power from a switch panel or distribution panel with only one infrastructure investment.
The KE1 is the first product line in the world to respond to the need for smart multi-circuit measurements for power monitoring and earth leakage monitoring.

KE1 Features 1

Alarms for 25-ms Voltage Sags and Power Fluctuation Logging

Momentary voltage sags are a serious problem for precision equipment, such as semiconductor and liquid crystal manufacturing facilities. The power grid in emerging countries is often unstable, resulting in problems such as facility stoppage and failure due to momentary voltage sags. The KE1 detects momentary voltage sags and outputs an alarm in 25 ms. It also logs voltage fluctuations in the Unit’s internal memory for 1,000 ms before and after a voltage sag so that you can check for the impact of the voltage sag on quality. You can also use it for SEMI-F47 traceability information to enable effective facility maintenance.

KE1 Features 2