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Multi-circuit Smart Power Monitor


New Ways to Uncover Power Savings. Measure Multiple Distribution Panels at the Same Time.

Greater Visualization Enables More Energy Savings

The key to saving energy lies in knowing the breakdown of electric power.

As we enter times of even greater power shortages, overall monitoring of electric power alone starts to lose its effectiveness. The key to finding hidden wastes of electric power is to enhance the visibility of power consumption at the distribution panel breaker level. The KM1 can help you determine when, where, and how much electric power is being used to help reduce unnecessary power consumption.

KM1 Features 2

The KM1 platform solves the work and cost issues to visualize power consumption across all distribution panels.

Previous Problems

Previously, measuring electric power for multiple circuits or systems required costly and difficult-to-install power sensors.

KM1 Features 5

Measuring multiple circuits requires difficult installation and results in high costs.

With the KM1...

The KM1 solves both the time and cost issues even for multiple circuits and systems.

KM1 Features 7

The KM1 provides a simple and smart solution to the issues encountered with traditional power sensors.

Simple and Smart: The KM1 Platform

Dual System Monitoring

Industry-first Dual System Monitoring

A single KM1 can perform measurements for mixed distribution panels with circuits for both air-conditioners and lighting equipment.

KM1 Features 10

Measure up to 36 circuits.

Add CT Expansion Units for More Measurements

One Measurement Master Unit accepts up to 4 CT inputs, and a CT Expansion Unit accepts up to 8 CT inputs. (Up to four CT Expansion Units can be added.) This enables the measurement of up to 36 single-phase two-wire circuits.

KM1 Features 12

Space-efficient Design and Reduced Wiring

Mounting Space Reduced to 1/4 That of Previous Models

With the KM1, all you need is five Power Monitors.
You can reduce the mounting space by 76%.

KM1 Features 14

Linked design eliminates the need for voltage and communications wiring.

The elimination of communications and power line crossovers results in less time and work required for wiring.

KM1 Features 15

Direct Measurement of 480 V without a VT

No VT equipment is required, even for 480 V measurements.

KM1 Features 16

High-precision Measurements

High-precision Micropower Measurements

The KM1 performs high-precision measurement even below 5% of the rated current.
Even standby energy can be measured dependably.

KM1 Features 18

Primary-side Inverter Support

The KM1 can provide accurate measurements without any current waveform distortion even after an inverter is installed. Measurement accuracy: ±2% FS This enables measuring the effectiveness of energy conservation measures after installation.

KM1 Features 19

Additional Measurements to Aid in Energy Conservation

Visualization to Help Maintenance

With the wide range of output capabilities on the KM1, you can see exactly when you should perform maintenance.
● Overcurrent, Undercurrent, Overvoltage, and Undervoltage Alarm Output

KM1 Features 21

Visualization of Specific Power Consumption through Pulse/Temperature Input Units

Use pulse inputs to measure production information at the same time, including flow rates, throughput, temperature inputs, and more. When this information is combined with other electric power data, you can easily visualize the specific power consumption.

KM1 Features 22

* Input is performed with the KM1-EMU8A-FLK.

Visualization of Power Generation Effectiveness

The effectiveness of power generation can be visualized by measuring the power consumption and regenerative power together at the same time.

KM1 Features 24

Energy Classification

The total power consumption and total time can be divided up between the three states of stopped, standby, and operating based on the power consumption value and pulse input. Classifying energy helps to clearly identify areas where improvement is possible.

KM1 Features 25

* This function is supported only by the KM1-PMU[]A-FLK.