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Multi-circuit Smart Power Monitor


New Ways to Uncover Power Savings. Measure Multiple Distribution Panels at the Same Time.

Smart Power Monitors

Model Unit type Unit category Power supply voltage Communications
KM1-PMU2A-FLK Dual Power System
Measurement Unit
100 to 240 VAC RS-485
KM1-PMU1A-FLK Power Measurement Unit
KM1-EMU8A-FLK Pulse/Temperature Input
Function slave
KE1-CTD8E CT Extension Unit CT extension
Power supplied from the
Measurement Master Unit
KE1-DRT-FLK DeviceNet
Communications Unit
100 to 240 VAC RS-485 or

Options (Order Separately)

Separate or In-panel Current Transformer (CT)

Model Rated primary current Rated secondary current Installation
KM20-CTF-5A 5 A Special output Installed separately
KM20-CTF-50A 50 A
KM20-CTF-100A 100 A
KM20-CTF-200A 200 A
KM20-CTF-400A 400 A
KM20-CTF-600A 600 A
KM20-CTB-5A/50A 5 A/50 A In-panel (penetration type)

Note: CT Cables are not included with the CTs.

Current Transformer (CT) Cable

Model Specification
KM20-CTF-CB3 3-m cable

Note: Use the CT Cable specified by OMRON or one manufactured by JST Mfg. Co.
          You can also use a 1.25-B3A crimping terminal or AWG22 power cable.

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When Connected to a Computer
Communications Interface Converter

Model Rated primary current Rated secondary current Installation
K3SC-10 AC100-240 30 × 80 × 78 (W×H×D) RS-232C, USB <-> Half-duplex RS-485 100 to 240 VAC
K3SC-10 AC/DC24 24 VAC/DC