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D6FZ-FGS Series

Air Flow Sensor

D6FZ-FGS Series

The Best Product to Measure Compressed Air on Production Lines. Simultaneous Measurement of Leakage, Usage and Pressure.


Simultaneous Measurement of Flow, Pressure, Leakage, and Temperature

The Sensor provides multiple sensing functions.
You can identify compressed air conditions with just one Sensor.

D6FZ-FGS Series Features 2

Simple Setup

Mountable to Curved Pipes or Couplers [Silencer]

The built-in silencer eliminates ultrasonic noise and turbulence. It eliminates the need for straight pipes to make installation work easy.

D6FZ-FGS Series Features 4

High Accuracy

Highly Accurate Flow Measurements

High measuring accuracy of ±2% R.S. (at 50 L/min or less) is achieved.

D6FZ-FGS Series Features 6

Flow Measurements over a Wide Range

A wide measurement range of 1 to 1,000 L/min is achieved.

Resists Oils and Mist [Ultrasonic sensor]

A built-in ultrasonic sensor is used for flow measurements.
With high resistance to rusty pipes and oil flooded compressors, you can install the Sensor almost anywhere.

Main Features

  • Two analog outputs
  • Two pulse outputs
  • RS-485 communications
  • IP64
  • Operation indicator
  • Threshold values (peak, bottom, and leak)
  • Alarm hold

Feature Comparison

D6FZ-FGS Series Features 10