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Inline PCB inspection system


Best Quality at the Minimum Q Cost!


Image signal input unit Imaging System 5 M pixel camera/Telecentric Lens
Imaging Method Color Highlight, 3D solder shape reconstruction
Resolution 10 μm, 15 μm
Main unit Feed method Edge Belt Conveyor, Automatic Raid width Adjust
Line height 900 ±20 mm Adjustment from adjustable feet
PCB carrier width adjustment Automatic
Power supply 200 to 240 VAC (single phase)
Ambient operating temperature +10 to +35 ℃
Ambient operating humidity 35 to 80% RH (with no condensation)
Weight Approx. 500kg
Dimensions 910 (W) × 1470 (D) × 1500 (H) mm

Functional Specifications

Type Post-reflow/Flow/Post-placement
Dimensions Single lane: 50(W) × 50(D) to 510(W) × 610(D) mm
Dual lane: 50 (W) × 50(D) to 510 (W) × 300(D) mm
Thickness 0.4 to 4.0 mm
Clearance Above PCB: 50 mm, Below PCB: 50 mm
Inspection items Missing components, Wrong components, Component shifting (X/Y/skewing),
Fillets (wettability length, height, width of the tip, wettability angle, length of the side),
Land exposure, Polarity shifting, Polarity lifting Solder balls, Bridging, Objects,
Through hole, Polarity, Inversion
Number of inspection points 10,000 components/PCB max.