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D6FZ-FGT Series

Air Flow Sensor

D6FZ-FGT Series

The best Product to Measure Compressed Air at Machine. Measurement of Leakage and Usage.


Appearance Product name Model
3247_lu_1_1 200L-type Air Flow Sensor D6FZ-FGT200
3247_lu_1_2 500L-type Air Flow Sensor D6FZ-FGT500
3247_lu_1_3 Air Flow Station
(cable length: 1.5 m, including T-branch Connector cable)

Option (sold separately)

Appearance Product name Model
3247_lu_2_1 T-branch Connector D6FZ-FC02
3247_lu_2_2 (D6FZ-FGT Air Flow Sensor only)
Mounting Bracket
• Mounting Bracket: 1
• Phillips screws (M3): 4
3247_lu_2_3 (D6FZ-FGX21 Air Flow Station only)
Mounting magnets *
• Mounting magnets: 2
• Phillips screws (M3): 2
3247_lu_2_4 Cable with Connector on One End Cable length: 3 m M12 connector (8-pin) D6FZ-JD3A
Cable length: 10 m D6FZ-JD10A
Cable length: 20 m D6FZ-JD20A
3247_lu_2_5 Cable with Connectors on Both Ends Cable length: 3 m M12 connector (8-pin) D6FZ-JD3B
Cable length: 5 m D6FZ-JD5B
Cable length: 10 m D6FZ-JD10B
Cable length: 20 m D6FZ-JD20B

* When magnets are used, the maximum vibration resistance is 55 Hz.