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F3SG-R Series

Safety Light Curtain

F3SG-R Series

Offers Both Durability and Reliability

Troubleshooting and Setting Tool downloads

Select the indicator status to see the error cause and solution. And download Setting Tool SD Manager2.

about this Product Family

Increase both durability and productivity

The new cutting oil resistant Robust type is added

Fast set-up and high resistance to environmental changes

F3SG-R Series Features 2

Multifunctional Advanced type F3SG-RA

[Quick and easy installation] Intuitive and smart designs for fast set-up

Simple beam adjustment

Simply watch for the top and bottom indicators to illuminate when adjustment is completed.
The optional laser pointer and lamp can be used to reduce the time required to set up the light curtain.

F3SG-R Series Features 5

Mounting brackets

Four types of mounting brackets provide vertical or vertical and horizontal adjustment even after mounting, making beam adjustment easier.

F3SG-R Series Features 6

Optical synchronization – No sync lines required

Optical synchronization eliminates the need of wiring for synchronization between the emitter and receiver.
The resulting flexible wiring reduces disconnection risk and avoids noise sources.

Optical synchronization

F3SG-R Series Features 8

Smartclick cable connection for fast set-up

No torque-control required:
the Smartclick connectors connect cables with just a 1/8th turn of the M12 waterproof connector.
* Smartclick is a registered trademark of OMRON Corporation.

F3SG-R Series Features 9

Simple wiring thanks to reduced wiring connectors

Simple wiring makes installation faster.
Fewer cables reduce disconnection risk and noise trouble.

F3SG-R Series Features 10

[Stable operation and predictive maintenance] Visualization eliminates machine downtime

The lamp notifies low light intensity

The lamp notifies when the incident light level drops due to dirt, which mp hich prevents sudden stops.

F3SG-R Series Features 12

Data logging for quick troubleshooting

The error logs stored in the F3SG-RA can be downloaded to a PC that is connected with the F3SG-RA using the dedicated interface unit. The Configuration Tool SD Manager2 can be used to analyze errors to identify causes and solutions. The data on light intensity, power-ON time, and switching frequency can also be collected regularly for predictive maintenance.

F3SG-R Series Features 13

Bluetooth® allows to check status without stopping the line

The SD Manager2 can be used to check the status of the safety light curtain wirelessly after pairing the safety light curtain with PC via Bluetooth®, which reduces maintenance time.

Wireless connectivity
- Monitoring during operation
- No possibility of blocking beams
- No work required after completing checks
- Monitoring from anywhere
- Serial number to choose the right safety light curtain from many installed on lines

[For global use] Easy to deploy around the world

PNP/NPN selection

The F3SG-RA is designed to be used in a variety of environments around the world, conforming to international standards.

F3SG-R Series Features 17

Global production and delivery

Omron enhanced the global production bases and local services in Japan, China, United States, and Europe to deliver Omron products quickly and reliably. Our sales network of approximately 150 offices in 40 countries and regions supports our customers.

F3SG-R Series Features 18

Troubleshooting in eight languages*

You can find causes and solutions of errors that occur during operation on the troubleshooting webpage in eight languages. Operators across the world can check the error details in their local languages, which will help them minimize time to troubleshoot.

* English, Chinese, Italian, Korean, French, German, Spanish, and Japanese

F3SG-R Series Features 19

[Easy adjustment] Increase productivity by detecting workpieces correctly


The F3SG-RA provides the advanced Muting function that disables beams which detect the presence of a workpiece or the position of a machine or robot.
Workpieces can go in and out of a danger zone without stopping the machine.

[Conventional Muting] Muting secured safety, but the set-up was time consuming.

F3SG-R Series Features 21

[Multiple-beam sensor technology for vibrating workpieces] Smart muting actuator F3W-MA

The smart muting actuator extends the functions of the F3SG-R in applications where a workpiece is vibrating forward and backward This prevents unexpected machine downtime and significantly reduces adjustment time.

F3SG-R Series Features 22

[Automatic partial muting for workpieces with various heights] Dynamic Muting

When workpieces with various heights are conveyed on the same line, the dynamic muting function automatically sets the appropriate beams, based on the height of the object.

F3SG-R Series Features 23

* Partial muting: A function that allows specified beams (e.g., beams blocked by a workpiece) to be disabled, keeping others active, even during muting.

[Easy configuration and maintenance] Easy to use | Configuration Tool SD Manager2

Minimizing setting and detection errors

F3SG-R Series Features 26

The Configuration Tool SD Manager2 visualizes the installation positions and settings by logging the muting sensor operating conditions of the F3SG-R. It helps ensure reliable, first-time-right configuration.

F3SG-R Series Features 27

From configuration and adjustment to maintenance

F3SG-R Series Features 28

The SD Manager2 helps you to make and change settings.

F3SG-R Series Features 29
F3SG-R Series Features 30

The Configuration Tool SD Manager2 is available to download from
Omron website:

[NEW] Cutting oil resistant Robust type F3SG-RR

[IP67G] Robust design for reliable use even in cutting oil environments

Four times longer* cutting oil resistance

The F3SG-RR has the ability to protect from cutting oil (IP67G) for four times longer than the previous model.

F3SG-R Series Features 34

* Compared to the previous model (Omron survey as of March 2017)

F3SG-R Series Features 35

Simple Easy type F3SG-RE

[Reduced wiring and fast response] Simple ON/OFF detection

Easy version for cost-efficiency

The Easy type inherits the robust but slim housing and basic safety features of the Advanced type. Simple ON/OFF detection reduces errors, preventing productivity from dropping.

F3SG-R Series Features 38

Easier to build safety circuits

Only four wires are required for the minimum configuration, which is as simple as wiring a photoelectric sensor. Simple connection with a safety controller makes it easy to build a safety circuit.

F3SG-R Series Features 39

[Industry's fastest class*] Fastest response time of 5 ms

The Easy type that allows the distance between the light curtain and hazard source to be reduced is ideal for the use in a small machine.
* Omron survey as of March 2017

F3SG-R Series Features 40

[Also] Use easy-to-obtain cables

Commercially available M12 connector cables can be used as extension cables to build a safety circuit.

F3SG-R Series Features 41