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Power Couplers


Transmits Input Device ON/OFF Signals and Power. The Key to Effortless Wiring for Rotating and Moving Bodies.

Transmit Multiple Switch Signals and Power to without Contact

B7AP Features 1

By connecting the B7AP Power Coupler between the B7A Input Unit and B7A Output Unit, it is possible to transmit multiple switch signals without contact from input devices to controllers. When using the B7AP Power Coupler in this way, it is possible to transmit power via electromagnetic coupling, so a power supply for the Input Unit is not necessary.

Total Transmission Distance Up to 100 m

B7AP Features 2

The transmission distance between Power Couplers without contact is 8±1.5 mm. The maximum transmission distance between the B7A Input Unit and B7A Output Unit is 100 m (when transmitting power or signals).

Equipped with a Verification LED for Easy Settings

B7AP Features 3

The B7AP-M1 is equipped with an operation indicator that lights the usable range during Coupler setup, allowing for easy setup.

Transmission Also Possible When Separated by a Non-metallic Object

B7AP Features 4

Switch signals and power can be transmitted even when there is plastic, glass, wooden, or other non-metallic objects between the Couplers (B7AP-S1/-M1).

Usable in a Variety of Environments with IP67 Environmental Resistance

B7AP Features 5

The Couplers have IP67 degree of protection, which allows them to be used in harsh environments that may expose them to dust from glass, plastic or paper, or exposure to water. The Couplers can be used in a wide range of applications.

Select Transmission Method Based on Application Conditions

B7AP Features 6

When transmitting power and transmission signals, a maximum of 10 points can be input simultaneously to the B7A Input Unit. (B7A Input Unit: Input Current 3.8 mA × 10 points = 38 mA)

B7AP Features 7

When transmitting only signals, a maximum of 16 points can be input to the B7A Input Unit.