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Digital Pressure Sensor


Pressure Sensor with Easy-to-Read LED Display


Model NPN output E8F2-A01C E8F2-B10C E8F2-AN0C
PNP output E8F2-A01B E8F2-B10B E8F2-AN0B
Power supply voltage 12 to 24 VDC±10% with a ripple (p-p) of 10% max.
Current consumption 70 mA max. * 1
Pressure type Gauge pressure
Rated pressure range 0 to 100 kPa 0 to 1 MPa 0 to -101 kPa
Pressure setting range 0 to 100 kPa 0 to 1 MPa 0 to -101 kPa
Withstand pressure 400 kPa 1.5 MPa 400 kPa
Applicable fluid Non-corrosive gas and non-flammable gas
Operating mode Hysteresis mode, window mode, and automatic teaching mode
Repeat accuracy
(ON/OFF output)
±1%FS max.
Linearity (linear output) ±1%FS max.
Response time
(ON/OFF output)
5 ms max.
Linear output 1 to 5 V ±5% F.S. with an output impedance of 1 kΩ and a permissible resistive load of 500 kΩ.
ON/OFF outputs NO or NC open collector (depending on whether the output configuration is NPN or PNP)
Load current 30 mA max.
Output applied voltage 30 VDC max.
Residual voltage NPN open collector output: 1 V max. with 30 mA load current
PNP open collector output: 2 V max. with 30 mA load current
Display * 2 3.5-digit red LED
Green LED bar indicator
The orange LED is lit for two independent outputs with output transistor turned ON.
Green unit indicator
Display accuracy ±3%FS±1 digit max.
Protection circuits Reverse polarity protection, load short-circuit protection
Ambient temperature range Operating: 0 to 55°C
Storage: - 10 to 60°C (with no icing)
Ambient humidity range Operating/Storage: 35% to 85% (with no condensation)
Temperature influence ±3%FS max.
Voltage influence ±1.5%FS max.
Insulation resistance 100 MΩ min. (at 500 VDC) between current-carrying parts and case
Dielectric strength 1,000 VAC at 1 min
Vibration resistance Destruction: 10 to 500 Hz, 1.0-mm double amplitude or 150 m/s2, three times each for 11 min in the X, Y, and Z directions
Shock resistance Destruction: 300 m/s2 3 times each in the X, Y, and Z directions
Degree of protection IP50 (IEC)
Pressure port R (PT) 1/8 taper screw and M5 female screw
Connection method Pre-wired (standard length: 2 m)
Cable Approved by UL
Weight (packed state) Approx. 110 g
Material Pressure port Aluminum die-cast
Case Heat-resistive ABS
Accessories Mounting Bracket, Instruction manual

*1. The current consumption is approximately 43 mA in energy-saving mode.
*2. Display Example of Digital Indicator

Model Setting unit
Applied pressure Digital display
E8F2-A01C 100
E8F2-B10C 1000
E8F2-AN0C -101

Note: The period ( ) in the display indicates the decimal point.
          Its position will not change unless the setting unit is changed.