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Switch Mode Power Supply


Block-type Switch Mode Power Supply That Mounts to DIN Rail

Note: For details on normal stock models, contact your nearest OMRON representative.

Basic Block

Screw terminal Model Connector terminal Model *3
With Bus Line
Connectors *1
Without Bus Line
Connectors *2
With Bus Line
Connectors *1
Without Bus Line
Connectors *2
5 V 5 A --- S8TS-02505 --- S8TS-02505F
12 V 2.5 A S8TS-03012-E1 S8TS-03012 S8TS-03012F-E1 S8TS-03012F
24 V 2.5 A S8TS-06024-E1 S8TS-06024 S8TS-06024F-E1 S8TS-06024F

Bus Line Connector

Specifications Number of Connectors Model number
Connector with DC line connected
(For parallel operation)
1 Connector S8T-BUS01
10 Connectors *4 S8T-BUS11
Connector with DC line not connected
(Not for parallel operation)
1 Connector S8T-BUS02
10 Connectors *5 S8T-BUS12

*1. One S8T-BUS01 Connector and one S8T-BUS02 Connector are included as accessories.
*2. Bus Line Connectors are ordered separately. When connecting Power Supplies with Bus Line Connectors, order the
       Bus Line Connectors separately.
*3. Attached connectors: 2ESDPLM-05P (for output terminal) and 3ESDPLM-03P (for input terminal) made by DINKLE
*4. One package contains 10 S8T-BUS01 Connectors.
*5. One package contains 10 S8T-BUS02 Connectors.