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DC Backup Block for S8TS


DC Backup Block for S8TS Prevents 24-VDC Outages Due to Power Interruptions or Failures

DC Backup Block *1

Input voltage Output voltage Output current Model number
24 to 28 VDC 24 V 3.7 A/ 8 A *2 S8T-DCBU-01
*1. One S8T-BUS03 Connector is included as an accessory.
*2. The output current can be selected by a switch.

Bus Line Connector

Type Number of Connectors Model number
DC Bus Line Connector 1 S8T-BUS03
10 * S8T-BUS13
* One package contains 10 S8T-BUS03 Connectors.

Basic Block

Type Output voltage/Output current Model number
Screw terminal type With Bus Line Connectors 24 V/ 2.5 A S8TS-06024-E1
Without Bus Line Connectors S8TS-06024
Connector terminal type With Bus Line Connectors S8TS-06024F-E1
Without Bus Line Connectors S8TS-06024F
Note: Use S8T-DCBU-01 in a pair with the Block Power Supply Basic Block.

Battery Holder

Model number
Note: Can be set two batteries.


Model number
Note: A set of two batteries.
          Designated battery varies on the number of multi-
          connected S8TS-06024[].
          Refer to “Number of Multi-Connected S8TS-06024[]
          and Designated Battery” on Catalog.