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Power Supplies

Model Ratings Temperature Humidity Vibration EMC Enclosure
S8VK-S(60W/120W/240W/480W) --- D B A A A
Note 1: The above table lists series names. Ask your OMRON representative for details on specific model numbers.
Note 2: For type approvals, these models shall not be installed on the deck, in the bridge, or on machinery that has severe vibration conditions.
Note 3: A noisie filer, ‘FN2080-10-06’ manufactured by Schaffner or equivalent, is to be connected to the input terminals. (Except for 60W type)
Note 4: Clamp filters, ‘ZCAT2035-0930’ manufactured by TDK or equivalent, are to be respectively used at input and output lines. (Except for 60W/120W type)
Note 5: In case of DIN rail installation, end plate "PFP-M" manufactured by OMRON Corp. or equivalent is to be installed in the both ends of the unit.
be installed in the both ends of the unit.