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SYSMAC CS-series Ethernet Unit


Organically Connect the Production Site and Management

• Use Ethernet to implement various communications protocols.

• Implement FINS message communications using UDP/IP or TCP/IP with a user application on a host computer or with Support Software, such as the CX-Programmer.

• Use the clock on an SNTP server to automatically adjust the clocks in the PLCs connected to the Ethernet network. (An SNTP server is required separately.)

• An FTP server is built in, so files can be used to transfer PLC data between network PLCs and workstations or personal computers with an FTP client.

• Email can be used to send commands to the PLCs, or triggers can be set so that the PLCs will send PLC data or Ethernet Unit status to a host computer.

• The standard UDP/IP and TCP/IP protocols are supported to enable communications with a wide range of devices, workstations, personal computers, and Ethernet modules from other manufacturers.

• The SMTP/POP3/SNTP servers enable the use of host names instead of IP addresses. (A DNS server is required separately.)