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Open Network for High-Speed Control


CompoNet offers the ideal mix of high speed, ample capacity, and ease-of-use needed to let you build the best machine.

CompoNet Features 1

Fastest Communication Speeds in the Industry

Provides the fastest communication speeds in the industry for a sensor-actuator level network.

It is possible to send data consisting a large number of control points on multiple nodes. There is no response time delay, even with repeater units.

CompoNet Features 3

Fast Communication Technology even at Low Baud Rate of 4 Mbps

Provides excellent performance in applications with large numbers of control points and also in expansion work.

Efficient multicast transmission enables stable and fast communication even when the number of slaves increases.

CompoNet Features 5
CompoNet Features 6

Flexible Installation

Select the best branching method for your application.

CompoNet provides both fast communication and easy wiring.
Branch wiring is a powerful tool for installing large numbers of slaves in a variety of locations.
You can optimize your cable layout to match the layout of your equipment.

Distance can easily be extended.

A maximum distance of 1500 m is possible (when baud rate is 93.75 kbps).

CompoNet Features 9

Different types of cables can be mixed.

CompoNet Features 10
CompoNet Features 11

CX-Integrator Makes Start-Up and Recovery Work More Efficient

CX-Integrator software lets you set the PLC network/serial communication system configuration from a computer.

CX-Integrator makes it easy to handle CompoNet assignment, parameter setting, connection state monitoring, comment setting, network diagnosis, etc. from a computer.

CompoNet Features 13

Quick discovery of error locations

You can easily check the connection states of all the slaves and quickly specify error contents. You can check errors not only with tools but also with the master LED (7-segment display). This helps make on-site recovery work more efficient.

CompoNet Features 15

The connection states of all the slaves are easily checked.
Minimize the stoppage time and trouble on site."

Separate an error at a branch destination

When you use a repeater unit, you can display the slaves in each segment and can separate any error beyond the repeater.

CompoNet Features 16

Informatization of the all Equipment

Smart features are features of the slave main units that collect a variety information used for from start-up to maintenance.

Monitor network power supply voltage with tools and display units. Slaves collect a variety of information helpful for preventive maintenance and detect errors in connected equipment before problems occur. No need to write a program for monitoring.

CompoNet Features 18
CompoNet Features 19
CompoNet Features 20

Flat Cable for Easy One-Touch Installation

Flat cable shortens installation time.

It also prevents connector installation mistakes.

CompoNet Features 22

Smooth Start-Up with Simple Setup

Just set the master baud rate and the slave node addresses and the system is ready for start-up.

The slave baud rate is automatically set to match the master unit baud rate.
The allocation areas are automatically set by the node addresses.

CompoNet Features 25

*1. Using CX-Integrator makes detailed settings and monitoring possible.

Can Use Regular Round Cables for Fast Communication

Regular round cables can be used as the communication cables.

CompoNet Features 27

* Use round cables that comply with ODVA specifications.

Bit-level distribution for effective I/O installation

Bit slaves enable optimum I/O configuration and wiring becomes more efficient.

CompoNet Features 29