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Repeater Unit


Simple and Intelligent Repeater Units Extend the Network

Repeater Units can make CompoNet Networks easier to wire, and extend cable length.
When Repeater Units are connected in series from the Master Unit, up to two extra segment layers can be created (i.e., up to 2 Repeater Units are allowed between a Slave Unit and the Master Unit).

• Expand the network to up to 1,500 m using two segment layers of Repeater Units (baud rate: 93.75 kbps)

• Avoid total system breakdown caused by errors in lower-level Units.

• Repeater Units allow a different cable types to be used in the same network.

• Implement various network layouts by branching lines or extending the trunk line.

• Display a network configuration list or identify error locations by using the setting and monitoring software for CompoNet.

• Monitor the power supply for the entire network with communications power supply monitoring function.