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D40A / G9SX-NS

Compact Non-Contact Door Switch/Non-Contact Door Switch Controller

D40A / G9SX-NS

Electronic Detection Mechanism for Better Stability in Non-contact Door Switch Operation

D40A / G9SX-NS Features 1

Solves Conventional Switch Issues to Provide Stable Detection

[Issue 1] The Switch does not accurately detect the door when it is closed slowly, resulting in an error.

D40A / G9SX-NS Features 3

[Solution 1] Conventional Switches

D40A / G9SX-NS Features 4

[Issue 2] It is nearly impossible to tell which door is open in a multi-door application.

D40A / G9SX-NS Features 5

[Solution 2]

D40A / G9SX-NS Features 6

With the D40A...

The auxiliary outputs can be used to easily indicate which door is open.
And with two-color indicators, mounting adjustments are also easy.
The D40A is the first Non-contact Door Switch to combine 2-color indicators, auxiliary outputs, and 30-switch connection capacity, allowing you to create a better safety environment.

[Issue 3] Various cable lengths and complex wiring are required for multiple doors.

[Solution 3]

D40A / G9SX-NS Features 8

The model with a connector allows you to select the cable lengths that are connected and purchase the cables of required lengths. Switches can be integrated into a single Switch with a connector.
Downtime can be reduced by replacing the cable and switch partially at maintenance time.

Two Types of Controller to Solve Productivity, Expandability, and Maintenance Issues

The G9SX-NS and G9SX-NSA are designed specifically for use with Non-contact door switch, and with the G9SX-NSA you can also connect mechanical safety door switches. Among other features, these Controllers support logical AND connections that enable partial stops. These Controllers make the most of D40A Switches.

D40A / G9SX-NS Features 9 D40A/G9SA-NS_Features7
D40A / G9SX-NS Features 10

Reduce Costs with these New-Concept Controllers

[Issue 1] Two Controllers are required for emergency stop switches and non-contact door switches.

D40A / G9SX-NS Features 12

[Issue 2] Another Controller has to be added to use an OFF-delay timer.

D40A / G9SX-NS Features 13

* Always use a manual reset when using an emergency stop.