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CRT1-[]D08TA(-1) / []D16TA(-1) / []D08TAH(-1) / []D16TAH(-1)

Digital I/O Slave Units with Screw Terminal Blocks (3-tier Terminal Block)

CRT1-[]D08TA(-1) / []D16TA(-1) / []D08TAH(-1) / []D16TAH(-1)

With the relay terminal blocks, doubling up wires on terminals is not necessary! Smart Slave Units with Easy-to-understand Wiring Locations with One Common for Every Point.

Doubling up wires on terminals is unnecessary and wiring locations are easy to understand with these Smart Slaves with 3-tier Terminal Blocks.

• Easy-to-understand wiring. No doubling up of wires. Easy-to-understand wiring locations.

• Simplify startup with the communications power supply monitor (Smart function).

• Collect various preventive maintenance data required to improve productivity, such as information on equipment deterioration due to aging and equipment operating time data (Smart function).

• The communications baud rate is set without using switches and addresses are set using rotary switches, so setting errors are reduced.

• Communications connector and removable I/O terminal block enable maintenance without disconnecting wiring.