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All Metals and Long-distance Types


Aluminum and Iron Both Detectable from Long Distances

Aluminum Detection Distance: 2 Times Previous Models *

* In-house comparison of M18 Shielded Long-distance Models

Immunity against aluminum chips has enabled achieving long-distance detection of aluminum workpieces. The same detection distance has also been achieved for iron, allowing the E2V-X[] to be separated from workpieces made of either metal farther than any other Proximity Sensor.

E2V-X[] Features 2

Detection Made Visible

An operation indicator that is visible from any direction is provided as a standard feature.
This indicator flashes under unstable conditions for easy installation condition verification at a glance.

E2V-X[] Features 3

Embeddable in Metal.

The first Long-distance Sensor that is shielded. Possible to be completely embedded in metal.

Embedded Mounting in Metal

E2V-X[] Features 5