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CRT1-VID32ML(-1) / VOD32ML(-1) / VMD32ML(-1)

Digital I/O Slave Units with MIL Connector (Vertical type)

CRT1-VID32ML(-1) / VOD32ML(-1) / VMD32ML(-1)

Aggregation of multi-I/O points! A compact and little wiring slave with 32 points and MIL connector

MIL connectors expand I/O interface options to include collective connection of multiple I/O points to boards as well as direct connection to actuators via branching cables.

• Super compact slave with 32 points and MIL connector (35 mm wide x 60 mm deep x 80 mm high)

• Aggregation of multi I/O points enables connection to actuators and boards.

• Connector interface between the communications unit and the I/O units greatly reduces wiring man-hour.

• DIN tracks and metal fixtures allow flexible installation.

• Various maintenance data such as operation status and deterioration of equipment can be collected to improve productivity.