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Standstill Monitoring Unit


Sensor-less Monitoring of Standstill for Machines with Long Inertia

Standstill can be detected even when there is no space to install a sensor.

PLe/Safety Category 4(ISO13849-1)

G9SX-SM Features 1

1. No Sensor Required

The G9SX-SM detects the back electromotive force (BEMF) that is generated when the motor rotates in order to determine whether the motor is rotating or in standstill condition.
Because the BEMF value varies with the motor revolution, the G9SX-SM determines that the motor has stopped when it detects that the BEMF has fallen below a set criterion.

G9SX-SM Features 2

2. No Complicated Settings Required

You can start monitoring by simply connecting the G9SX-SM system in Standard Configuration without any sensitivity adjustment.

G9SX-SM Features 4

With the "User Configuration", sensitivity can be manually adjusted for each machine.

3. With Inverters

The G9SX-SM can be used with an inverter, without resulting in malfunctions due to the inverter's dynamic brake or auto-tuning functions.