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CompoNet Peripheral Devices

CompoNet Peripheral Devices

CompoNet Peripheral Devices

Communications Cables, Terminating Resistance, Connector, Mounting Bracket, Special Tools

The CompoNet network lets you connect to units and branch and extend cables by just mounting connectors on communications cables and units.
The cable connection and branching methods depend on the cable type and branching form.

Four types of cable can be used on CompoNet networks.

  • Round cable I (2-wire), commercially available
  • Round cable II (4-wire), commercially available
  • Flat cable I (without sheath) DCA4-4F10
  • Flat cable II (with sheath) DCA5-4F10

The terminating resistors, connectors, and special tools depend on the cable type.

CompoNet Peripheral Devices Features 4

*1. Open Type Connectors (DCN4-TB4) are notconnectable with Bit Slave Units whose connectors are small. Use
       connectors made by Honda Tsushin Kogyo instead.
*2. Multidrop Connectors (DCN4-MD4) are not connectable with Bit Slave Units with Compact Connectors. Use Multidrop
       Connector Plugs (DCN4-MR4) instead.