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CRT1-TS04T / TS04P

Temperature Input Units

CRT1-TS04T / TS04P

High-speed Transfer of Temperature Data with CompoNet. Enhanced Smart Functions.

You can use either of two types of temperature input sensors: Thermocouple and resistance thermometer.
Each Unit provides four temperature inputs. Plus, the Units support scaling, comparators, and other data processing, reducing the processing load on the ladder program.

• Product lineup includes models with thermocouple inputs and models with resistance thermometer inputs.

• The node address, input types, and other settings can all be made using the switches on the Slave. (No Support Software is required.)

• Detachable terminal blocks enable easy maintenance without the need to remove wiring.

• Smart functions in the Slave reduce ladder programming and make maintenance easier.

 For example, scaling to convert input data to desired values, comparators to compare process values with preset

 upper and lower limits, and integrator to calculate the heat values of equipment or Sensors by from the temperature and

 measurement time.

• The Sensor open-circuit detection function reduces wiring errors.