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GX-JC03 / JC06

EtherCAT Junction Slave

GX-JC03 / JC06

Realizing flexible wiring solutions

Realizing flexible wiring by daisy chain and branch

Compact size as the industry's smallest *
Compact size as width 25 mm (3-port type) realizing space saving on the board

Power supply voltage operable for long distance wiring
Operable with 24 VDC. The range of power-supply voltage is from maximum 28.8 VDC to minimum 20.4 VDC in consideration of a power voltage drop by long distance wiring.

* As of August 2011 According to our own research.

Advantages of EtherCAT junction slaves

Support for efficient equipment and system building

In a system that consists of plural processes, debugging work can be started with a process for which designing work has been completed.

EtherCAT daisy chaining connection

The system can not start operation before installing and assembling all devices of all processes. (Neither Process B nor Process B can start operation before Process A has been built.)

GX-JC03 / JC06 Features 7
GX-JC03 / JC06 Features 8

EtherCAT branching connection

The slaves connected via EtherCAT junction slaves on Process B and Process C can operate, even though slaves for Process A do not operate. Debugging work of the processes can be made separately, thus improving debugging work efficiency.

GX-JC03 / JC06 Features 9

Improves system's operating rate

It is possible to design the system operation, considering errors such as EtherCAT slave failure and disconnection of communications cables. A part of the system can be separately operated, and the system can be promptly restored.

EtherCAT daisy chaining connection

If an error occurs on a slave, or the network cable is disconnected, slaves following on the same network can not communicate with the master unit. The operating rate of the system can be lowered, or maintenance work will be less efficient.

GX-JC03 / JC06 Features 11
GX-JC03 / JC06 Features 12

EtherCAT branching connection

With EtherCAT junction slaves, each process can be designed and wired as separated blocks. If an error occurs on one slave device, operation of the process that uses the slave stops, but that will not influence the entire system operation. The EtherCAT junction slave will contribute to prevention of loss of workpieces in process and prompt system restoration.

GX-JC03 / JC06 Features 13