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E32-LT / LD

Fiber Unit Build-in Lens Series

E32-LT / LD

High-power, Stable Detection. Is the Standard for the Future!

High Power and Aperture Angle of 15° “GIGA Beam”


Long-term stable detection in dust environment

E32-LT / LD Features 3

Approximately 10 times the light intensity of conventional models. High power achieves long-term stable detection.

Stable Detection Even for Workpieces with Low Reflection

E32-LT / LD Features 4

Approximately 3.5 times the light intensity of conventional models. Differences in incident level are increased even for black workpieces to provide stable detection.

Prevents false detection of light that is reflected off surrounding objects

E32-LT / LD Features 5

Aperture angle of 15° greatly reduces false detection due to reflected light in narrow locations.

No Need to Ever Attach a Lens


Reduced work in selection and attachment

E32-LT / LD Features 8

There is no need to select a combination with a lens or attach a lens delicately.
The lens also does not protrude for neater installation.


No worries about loosing a lens

E32-LT / LD Features 10

There is no need to worry about a lens falling off and getting mixed with the workpieces or about ordering a new lens when one is lost.