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Hybrid Power Relay


Hybridization of a Magnetic Relay and an SSR Achieves 10-A Switching for 10 Million Operations.

• Reduces wiring work by 60% when combined with the PTF-08-PU Push-In Plus Socket (according to actual OMRON measurements).

• UL/CSA certified (-US models).

• Using a triac to open and close the circuit reduces chattering and arching, thereby increasing the electrical durability to 10 million operations.

• Relays contacts for power ON and 10-A switching with high-capacity are provided in a compact body without the need of radiators. Plus, there is almost no effect on heat generation or ambient temperature.

• Operation indicators to easily check operation.

• Built-in temperature fuse prevents internal burning due to triac or relay malfunctions.

• Socket-type Relays the same size as the 1-pole and 2-pole LY Relays.