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Safety Light Curtain
F3SG Series

If your SD Manager 2 is not the latest version, download it from below.
To check the version of SD Manager 2 installed on your PC, start the SD Manager 2 and select [Help] and [About] on the toolbar of the Top Page.

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Correspondence OS list

OS Windows 7 SP1 and later (32bit version/64bit version) / Windows 8, 8.1 (32bit version/64bit version) / Windows 10 (32bit version/64bit version)
Note. The runtime library of Microsoft's .NET Framework 4.5.2 or higher is required.
Memory 1GB min. (OS 32bit version)/2GB min. (OS 64bit version)

-Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United Status and other countries.

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Ver.1.30: April 2018

Improved functions

  • Added F3SG-RR to applicable models.
Ver.1.20: February 2016

Improved functions

  • Added Windows 10 to OS supported.
  • Added vertical approach with no angle (possible circumventing) to Safety Distance Calculation.
  • Improved the Muting Statistic Information screen view.
  • Improved the functionality, operability and visuality, and fixed bugs.
Ver.1.11: September 2015

Improved functions

  • Solved the problem that was occasionally displayed incorrectly.
Ver.1.10: May 2015

Improved functions

  • It is possible to configure allowable beams on either ends of Fixed Blanking zone.
  • It is possible to set up COM port automatically.
  • It is easy to identify changed settings in writing process.
  • Functionality and operability have been improved and bugs have been fixed.
Ver.1.01: March 2015

Improved functions

  • Solved the problem that operating states were occasionally displayed incorrectly.
  • Solved the problem that some settings were not reflected correctly.
Ver.1.00: February 2015
  • Original production
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  1. The software referred to in this agreement includes all the computer programs and related materials which are provided on this web page. The copyright to the software are retained by OMRON and this agreement does not transfer the copyright to the user.
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  3. OMRON may change the software, content of registered software, and its specification without prior announcement to the users. OMRON assume no responsibility for damages incurred by the user either directly, indirectly, or secondarily as a result of using the software.
  4. If the user violates this agreement, OMRON can revoke the right of the user to use the software by notification. If OMRON revokes the right of the user to use the software, the user must return the software and all copies of it to OMRON.
  5. Any cases arising out of, or in connection with, they shall be amicably settled each time upon consultation between both parties. When it is not possible to settle the dispute by discussion, Kyoto District Court which has jurisdiction over the headquarter of OMRON is defined as instance agreement jurisdictional court of first instance.


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