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Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS)

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Shutdown Software

The UPS shutdown software is used to shutdown a PC's operating system and the UPS automatically when there is a power supply problem. Special shutdown software is provided by the UPS manufacturers. You can use the following software with OMRON UPSs:

(Simple Shutdown Software)

This software enables automatic shutdown of the computer and the UPS when there is an input power supply problem (e.g., a power failure).

This open-source version is provided as a free download.

You can use this software and its source code to add an automatic shutdown function to your Windows or Linux systems.

Main Features

You can use this software to automatically shut down your computer and OMRON UPS when there is an input power supply problem (e.g., a power failure).

You can modify and recompile the source code to add the ability to manage an OMRON UPS from your Windows or Linux systems.

Connection Precautions

USB connection: The USB cable that comes with the product can be used.

RS-232C connection: An optional connection cable (S8BW-C01) is required.

USB Connection

RS-232C Connection

UPS Configuration Utility

The UPS Configuration Utility is software for configuring UPS settings. You can use the software to easily change UPS settings.
You can also set the maximum backup time, backup the UPS settings to a file, and transfer settings to another UPS.

Main Settings

Beeper setting

Auto restart setting

Input sensitivity setting

Maximum backup time setting

I/O signal delay time setting

Utility Functions

Sending and receiving commands

Saving settings to a backup file

Restoring settings from a backup file

Reading out settings from a UPS

Resetting UPS settings to default values


Batteries have a limited lifespan. (The life varies depending on your storage/use environment and backup frequency.)
The nearer the end of the life is, the more rapidly deterioration proceeds.

Example Life Expectancy for an S8BA-series Battery

Note:Not a guaranteed performance.

Ambient temperatureBattery life expectancy
50 °C2.5 years
40 °C5 years
25 °C10 years

Backup Time

The backup time will shorten as the battery deteriorates over time. At the end of the battery's expected service life, the backup time is approximately half that of when the battery was new.

Note:The backup times in the datasheet are reference only. Actual results depend on the frequency of backup operation and the external environmental conditions (e.g., temperature).