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We are continuously working to further advance the OMRON Group's core competencies in sensing and control technology in order to help our customers' achieve new innovations in manufacturing. Our development system is in place to respond to our customers' needs.

Development facilities
  • Keihanna Innovation Center (Kyoto, Japan)
  • Kusatsu Facility (Shiga, Japan)
  • Ayabe Facility (Kyoto, Japan)
  • Kyoto Facility (Kyoto, Japan)
  • Tokyo Facility (Tokyo, Japan)
  • OMRON (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Shanghai, China)
  • OMRON Manufacturing of the Netherlands B.V. (Hertogenbosch, Netherlands)


In accordance with our approach to the art of making things at OMRON IA we provide what is needed, when it is needed, in just the quantity that is needed. We have implemented a wide range of production innovations to enable us to respond to our customers' needs by producing small lots of multiple models.

Production facilities
  • Ayabe Facility (Kyoto, Japan)
  • Kusatsu Facility (Shiga, Japan)
  • OMRON Aso (Kumamoto, Japan)
  • OMRON SWITCH & DEVICES Corporation
  • OMRON RELAY & DEVICES Corporation
  • OMRON (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Shanghai, China)
  • OMRON Manufacturing of the Netherlands B.V. (Hertogenbosch, Netherlands)


Our sales network of approximately 150 offices in 40 countries / territories around the world gives powerful support for our customers' globalization activities. We not only offer a selection of control equipment, but also a comprehensive support network for every phase of the process of making things, from development and production to maintenance support. Contact information for each country is listed under Global Network.


OMRON IA delivers products to its customers via five global distribution centers located in Japan, China, the Netherlands, the USA, and Singapore. Our factories use our original FMI (Factory Managed Inventory) systems to maintain appropriate inventory levels for their own sales divisions, along with industry-leading SCM (Supply Chain Management) to respond to our customers' orders with same-day shipping.