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Measuring / Motor Protective Relays

Precautions for Safety Use
Precautions for Correct Use
Safety Precautions

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Precautions for Correct Use

Operating Environment

Use the product within the rated ambient operating temperature and ambient operating humidity ranges and store it within the rated storage temperature range given in the datasheet for the model you are using.

Use the product within the characteristics for vibration, shock, flooding, and oil exposure given in the datasheet for the model you are using.

Separate the product from machines that generate strong high-frequency noise, such as high-frequency welders and highfrequency sewing machines.

Precautions for Correct Use of Power Protective Relays and Digital Protective Relays

Operation Indicator Resetting Method

You can reset the indicator with or without the cover.

Removing the Cover

1. Press the hook upward while pressing down on the top of the cover.

2. Pull the cover forward a little.

3. Lift up the cover.

Enclosed Labels

Attach the enclosed description labels to the cover.

Operating the Setting Knob

A rotary switch is used for the setting knob.
Do not leave the knob set between scale divisions.