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Chemical Resistance

Refer to the following table for details on the chemical resistance of fluororesin and stainless steel.
Usage is not possible in applications requiring explosion-proof specifications.

Yes: Resistant
No: Not resistant

SubstanceMaterial Stainless steel Fluororesin SubstanceMaterial Stainless steel Fluororesin
Heavy fuel oils A, B, and C Yes Yes Barium hydroxide Yes Yes
Aniline Yes Yes Phenol Yes Yes
Acrylonitrile Yes Yes Turbine oil Yes Yes
Acetone Yes Yes Soybean oil Yes Yes
Alcohol Yes Yes Dowtherm No Yes
Ammonia Yes Yes Sodium carbonate Yes Yes
Iso-octane Yes Yes Turpentine Yes Yes
Isobutyl alcohol Yes Yes Natural volatile oil Yes Yes
Isobutyl methyl ketone Yes Yes Kerosene Yes Yes
Ethanol (ethyl alcohol) Yes Yes Trichloroethane Yes Yes
Ether Yes Yes Trichloroethylene (trichlene) Yes Yes
Ethylene glycol Yes Yes Toluene Yes Yes
Enamel paint Yes Yes Naphtha Yes Yes
Ammonium chloride No Yes Naphthalene Yes Yes
Calcium chloride No Yes Lactic acid No Yes
Sodium chloride No Yes Nitrobenzene No Yes
Barium chloride No Yes Concentrated hydrochloric acid No Yes
Chlorine No Yes Concentrated sodium hydroxide No Yes
Gasoline Yes Yes Concentrated acetic acid Yes Yes
Glass raw material Yes Yes Concentrated nitric acid No Yes
Dilute hydrochloric acid No Yes Concentrated sulfuric acid No Yes
Dilute sodium hydroxide Yes Yes Concentrated phosphoric acid No Yes
Dilute acetic acid Yes Yes Palm oil Yes Yes
Dilute nitric acid No Yes Fluorine compounds No No
Dilute sulfuric acid No Yes Ferrosilicon Yes Yes
Citric acid Yes Yes Freon 11 Yes Yes
Glycerin Yes Yes Propyl alcohol Yes Yes
Cresol Yes Yes Propylene glycol Yes Yes
Chloronaphthalene Yes Yes Paint Yes Yes
Chloroform Yes Yes Benzene Yes Yes
Light oil Yes Yes Boric acid Yes Yes
Mineral oil Yes Yes Pine oil Yes Yes
Ethylene trichloride Yes Yes Methanol (methyl alcohol) Yes Yes
Sodium dichromate No Yes Methyl violet Yes Yes
Barium nitrate Yes Yes Water Yes Yes
Silicone oil Yes Yes Cotton-seed oil Yes Yes
Silicone resin (liquid) Yes Yes Alum No Yes
Silicone varnish Yes Yes Carbon tetrachloride No Yes
Vegetable oil Yes Yes Ammonium sulfate No Yes
Thinner Yes Yes

Note:Results depend on the concentration and additives.