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Pushbutton Switch (Cylindrical 10.5-dia.)


Pushbutton Switch (Cylindrical 10.5-dia.), Round type, DPDT, Momentary, White

Type Pushbutton Switch
Shape Cylindrical type (10.5 mm dia.)
Operating portion Round type
Lighted method Non-lighted
Terminal Quick connect terminal (#187) / Solder terminal

Item list of VAQ

  • Ratings
TypePushbutton Switch
ShapeCylindrical type (10.5 mm dia.)
Operating portionShape of operating portionRound type
Color of operating portionWhite
Operating functionMomentary
Contact ratingContact formDPDT
Ratings (AC)Resistive load: 15 A at 125 VAC/15 A at 200 VAC
Lamp load: 2 A at 125 VAC/2 A at 200 VAC
Inductive load: 10 A at 125 VAC/10 A at 200 VAC
Motor load: 3 A at 125 VAC/3 A at 200 VAC
Ratings (DC)Lamp load: 4 A at 8 VDC/4 A at 30 VDC/0.1 A at 125 VDC/0.05 A at 250 VDC
Ratings explanationThe values indicate the steady-state current.
Lamp load has an inrush current of 10 times the steady-state current.
Inductive load has a power factor of 0.4 Min. (AC) and a time constant of 7 ms Max. (DC).
Motor load has an inrush current of 6 times the steady-state current.
Conditions: Temperature 20±2 ℃, Ambient humidity 65±5% RH, Operating frequency 20 operations/min
Terminal specificationsQuick connect terminal (#187) / Solder terminal
Permissible operating frequencyElectrical: 20 operations / 1 minute
Mechanical: 120 operations / 1 minute
Inrush currentNC: 36 A max.
NO: 36 A max.
Insulation resistance100 MΩ min. (at 500 VDC)
Dielectric strengthBetween each terminal of the same polarities: 1000 VAC 50/60 Hz 1 min
Between live-metallic part and ground: 1500 VAC 50/60 Hz 1 min
Between each terminal and non-live-metallic part: 1500 VAC 50/60 Hz 1 min
Vibration resistanceMalfunction: 10 to 55 Hz, 1.5 mm double amplitude (malfunction: 1 ms max.)
Shock resistanceDestruction: 500 m/s2 max.
Malfunction: 200 m/s2 max. (malfunction time is 1 ms max.)
Ambient temperature rangeOperating: -25 to 80 ℃ (with no freezing or condensation)
Storage: -25 to 80 ℃ (with no freezing or condensation)
Ambient humidity rangeOperating: 35 to 85 %
Degree of protectionIP00
Classification of protection against electric shockClass II
PTI (Tracking characteristic)175
Pollution degree3 (IEC947-5-1)
Operating characteristics
Operating Force (OF)4.9 N max.
Release Force (RF)0.78 N min.
Pre-Travel (PT)1.6 mm max.
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Pushbutton Switch (Cylindrical 10.5-dia.)