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K3HB-PNB-A-DRT1 AC100-240

Timer Interval Indicator


100 to 240 VAC 50/60 Hz, 5 digit, Input: Pulse NPN/voltage pulse input, Event input: 5 point, Transfer output DeviceNet

Power supply voltage 100 to 240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Input type Pulse (NPN/voltage pulse input)
Digits 5 digit (-19999 to 99999)
Number of event input 5 point

Item list of K3HB-P

  • Ratings/Specifications
Power supply voltage100 to 240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Allowable power supply voltage range85 to 110% of the power supply voltage
Power consumption18 VA max. (at maximum load)
External power supply12 VDC ±10% 80 mA
Input typePulse (NPN/voltage pulse input)
Output typeTransfer output: DeviceNet
Pulse measurement inputFunctionF1: Passing speed
F2: Cycle
F3: Time difference
F4: Time band
F5: Measuring length
F6: Interval
Contact input (dry contact input)30 Hz max. ON/OFF pulse width of 15 ms min.
No contact voltage pulseF1 to F4: 0 to 50 kHz ON/OFF pulse width of 9 µs min.
F5, F6: 0 to 30 kHz ON/OFF pulse width of 16 µs min.
Voltage levelON voltage: 4.5 to 30 V, OFF voltage: -30 to 2 V, input impedance: 10 kΩ
Open collectorF1 to F4: 0 to 50 kHz ON/OFF pulse width of 9 µs min.
F5, F6: 0 to 30 kHz ON/OFF pulse width of 16 µs min.
Measurement rangeF1: 10 ms to 3200 s
F2: 20 ms to 3200 s
F3: 10 ms to 3200 s
F4: 10 ms to 3200 s
F5: 0 to 4 gigacounts
F6: 0 to 4 gigacounts
Accuracy±0.08% rdg ±1 digit
(23±5 ℃, for voltage pulse/open collector sensors)
Event inputNumber of input5 point
Input methodNO-Voltage contact/NPN open collector
Event nameHold input
Reset input
Connection methodTerminal blocks
ContactON: 1 kΩ max.
OFF: 100 kΩ min.
No-contactON residual voltage: 2 V max.
OFF leakage current: 4 mA max.
Maximum applied voltage: 30 VDC max.
Leakage current: 0.1 mA max.
DisplayDisplay methodNegative LCD (backlit LED) 7-segment digital display
Digits5 digit (-19999 to 99999)
Character heightPV: 14.2 mm (green/red)
SV: 4.9 mm (green)
Insulation resistance20 MΩ min. (at 500 VDC)
Dielectric strengthBetween the entire external terminal and case: 2,300 VAC 1 min
Noise immunity±1,500 V at power supply terminals in normal or common mode (waveform with 1-ns rising edge and pulse width of 1 µs/100 ns)
Vibration resistanceMalfunction: 10 to 55 Hz, Acceleration: 50 m/s2, 5 min 10 sweeps each in X, Y, and Z directions
Shock resistanceMalfunction: 150 m/s2, 3 times each in 3 axes 6 directions
Degree of protectionFront: NEMA4X for indoor use (equivalent to IP66)
Case rear: IP20
Terminals: IP00 + finger protection (VDE0106/100)
Memory protectionEE-PROM (non-volatile memory) Number of rewrites: 100,000
Ambient temperatureOperating: -10 to 55℃ (with no freezing or condensation)
Storage: -25 to 65℃ (with no freezing or condensation)
Ambient humidityOperating: 25 to 85%
AccessoriesWaterproof packing, Fixtures, Terminal Cover, Unit label, Instruction manual, DeviceNet connector (made from Hirose), Crimp terminals (made from Hirose)
WeightApprox. 300 g
Communications protocolConforms to DeviceNet
Remote IO communicationsMaster-Slave connection (Poll/Bit-Strobe/COS/Cyclic)
Conforms to DeviceNet communications standards.
IO allocationsAllocate any I/O data using the Configurator.
Allocate any datasuch as DeviceNet-specific parameters and variable area for Digital Indicators.
Input area: 2 blocks 60 words max.
Output area: 1 block 29 words max. (The first word in the area is always allocated for the Output Execution Enabled Flags.)
Message communicationsExplicit message communications
CompoWay/F communications commands can be executed (using explicit message communications)
Connection formaCombination of multi-drop and T-branch connectors (for trunk and drop line)
Communications mediaSpecial 5-wire cable (2 signal lines, 2 power supply lines, 1 shield line)
Current consumption50 mA max. (24 VDC)
Maximum number of nodes64 (DeviceNet Configurator is counted as one node when connected)
Maximum number of slaves63
power supplySupplied from DeviceNet communications connector
Power supply voltage24 VDC (11 to 25 VDC)
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Timer Interval Indicator