General-purpose Basic Switch


Short hinge roller lever (26.6 R, 9.5 x 4 dia., Resin roller), Snap action, Self-reset type, Single-Pole, Double-Throw type, SPDT, Screw terminal (M4)

Actuator Short hinge roller lever
Type High sensitivity
Terminal Screw terminal (M4)
Rated current 0.1 A
Degree of protection IP00

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ActuatorShort hinge roller lever 9.5 x 4 dia.
Resin roller
曲率半径: 26.6 R
TypeHigh sensitivity
Contact formSingle crossbar
Au alloy
Contact gap0.25 mm
TerminalScrew terminal (M4)
LoadMicro load
Rated current0.1 A
Ratings (AC) Non-Inductive loadResistive load (NC): 0.1 A at 125 VAC
Resistive load (NO): 0.1 A at 125 VAC
Ratings (DC) Non-Inductive loadResistive load (NC): 0.1A at 8 VDC、0.1A at 14 VDC、0.1 A at 30 VDC
Resistive load (NO): 0.1A at 8 VDC、0.1A at 14 VDC、0.1 A at 30 VDC
Ambient temperature-25 to 80℃
Ambient humidity35 to 85%
Permissible operating frequencyElectrical: 20 operations / 1 minute max.
Mechanical: 240 operations / 1 minute max.
Insulation resistance100 MΩ min. (at 500 VDC)
Dielectric strengthBetween each terminal of the same polarities: 600 VAC 50/60 Hz for 1 min
Between live-metallic part and ground: 2,000 VAC 50/60 Hz for 1 min
Between each terminal and non-live-metallic part: 2,000 VAC 50/60 Hz for 1 min
DurabilityElectrical: 500,000 operations min.
Mechanical: 20 million operations min.
Degree of protectionIP00
Proof tracking index(PTI)175
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General-purpose Basic Switch


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