EE-SPX302-W2A 1M

Slot-type Photomicrosensor with Cable


Modulated Through-beam type, Pre-wired models (1m), Sensing distance 3.6 mm, Dark-ON, NPN Voltage output

Luminous method Modulated
Sensing method Through-beam type
Sensing distance 0 to 3.6 mm (slot width)
Operation mode Dark-ON
Control output (Output type) NPNVoltage output
Connection method Pre-wired models

Item list of EE-SPX-W

  • Ratings/Performance
Luminous methodModulated
Sensing methodThrough-beam type
Sensing distance0 to 3.6 mm (slot width)
Operation modeDark-ON
Standard sensing object1 x 0.5 mm min.: Opaque object
Differential distance elements0.05 mm max.
Light source (Peak wavelength)GaAs infrared LED (pulse lighting)
IndicatorLight indicator (red)
Power supply voltage5 to 24V ±10% (ripple (p-p)5% max.)
Current consumptionAverage: 15 mAmax.
Peak: 50 mAmax.
Control output (Output type)NPNVoltage output
Control output (Load power supply voltage)5 to 24 V
Control output (Load current)80 mAmax.
Control output (Residual voltage)1.0 Vmax. (at 80 mA load current)
0.4 Vmax. (at 10 mA load current)
Response frequency elements500 Hzmin.
(See "Measurement condition of Response frequency elements")
Illumination on the surface receiver3000 lx max. (Incandescent light, sunlight)
Ambient temperatureOperating: -10 to +55℃
Storage: -25 to +65℃
(with no icing or condensation)
Ambient humidityOperating: 5 to 85%
Storage: 5 to 95%
(with no icing or condensation)
Vibration resistance10 to 55 Hz, 1.5 mm double amplitude for 2 h
Shock resistance500 m/s**2 for 3 times each in X, Y, and Z directions
Degree of protection (IEC60529)IP50
Connection methodPre-wired models
Cable length1 m
WeightApprox. 18.5 g
MaterialCase: Polycarbonate(PC)
Holder: Polycarbonate(PC)
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Slot-type Photomicrosensor with Cable


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